Enter Digital Asset World
with Confidence
Cryptomind Group is Thailand’s leading pioneer in digital asset financial services and investment product development
Why us?
Highly Experienced Team
With highly experienced team in digital assets. We understand a fast changing environment and the underlying value of the digital asset.
Community Building
Digital Assets are built on decentralised technology which are highly driven by people for people. we are supported by the biggest digital assets investors and DeFi users communities in Thailand.
Technology Experts
Without a good understanding of the technology in the industry, it is strenuous to analyze materials in this ecosystem. We understand how those techniques work.
Our Services
Investment Advisory
Invest in digital assets confidently with in-depth analyses from our experienced research team, covering market trends, project fundamentals, trading signals and much more.
Are your project or your company going to issue tokens? Whether it is to raise funds or to use as a business solution, we can help you design token economics , marketing, growth hacking and tech solutions from scratch.
PR Marketing
Increase your project awareness through our largest network of media channels and influencers in Thailand.
Asset Management
Want to invest in digital assets but do not have time to catch up with the market? Let our team help you enjoy sustainable gain from digital assets with a peace of mind.
On-demand education about blockchain technology & digital assets for your audience. We can offer a public speaking service, private course and workshop.
Anything Else.. ?
We can provide you with any custom service to suit your need. Feel free to contact us.
Our Companies
Cryptomind Advisory
A top tier digital asset advisory service provider, providing high quality digital asset investment analysis made by experienced digital asset investors and developers.
Merkle capital
Merkle Capital is the first digital asset management firm in Thailand with the ambition of helping retail and institutional investors get exposure in a booming digital asset industry with a peace of mind.
Cryptomind Assets
To be announced.
Born to distrupt
Our mission is to accelerate an adoption of a disruptive financial innovation “Digital Asset” and bring Thai businesses and investors alike to explore new opportunities in this open and borderless Digital Asset era, through our expertises and well-connected partner network.
Growing Crypto Business
Thailand cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly, Blockchain is the future and we can help you grow your project. If you are serious about Thai market, we ensure that we are the best one-stop crypto solution you can find.
Cryptomind is a crypto consulting and investment firm based in Thailand that helps corporates and public learn more about cryptocurrency, crypto asset, blockchain technology and etc. We also serve clients that wish to expand their reach in Thai market.
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