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Why Us ?

Founded in 2017, Cryptomind Group offers a full range of services for businesses in the blockchain and digital asset industry led by a team of experts in Thailand who understand the technologies and realize the true value in digital assets. We are ready to be the leader in the blockchain industry for Thai people to invest confidently and safely under high security standards.

Our Licenses

Cryptomind Group currently operates under the supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Thailand with the following licenses:

Our Team

Patikorn Trethasayuth
CEO Bitcoin Addict Thailand
Kannithi Tongtanagoon
Chief Investment Officer Merkle Capital, Founder of Bitcoin Addict Thailand and Kim DeFi Daddy
Sanjay Popli
CEO Cryptomind Advisory, Advisor at Thai Digital Asset Association
Peeraphat Hankongkaew
Chief Investment Officer Cryptomind Advisory, CEO Blockchain Review
Tonson Thumsermsuk
Chief Financial Officer Cryptomind Group
Akaradet Diawpanich
Chairman Cryptomind Group and CEO Merkle Capital, Founder of Coinman
Cryptomind Group consists of a talented and experienced team brought together by their passion in blockchain technology and digital assets. At Cryptomind, we value diversity, creativity and inclusivity, which when come together, fits together perfectly, all driven by a common goal of leading Thai people into the digital asset world with confidence.

Our Investors